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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

REAL to Past President – Larry’s Ride

They say the REAL classes are used to identify future leaders of MIBOR. But that doesn’t mean me, right? I am a relatively new member and an appraiser so they obviously don’t mean people like me when they say that, right? Well, as I found out the road starts with a single first step…
I applied for REAL with very little understanding of what MIBOR does, let alone what was included in the REAL program. In what I am sure was a case of charity to the lonely appraiser applicant, I was selected to be part of the class. I spent most of the sessions saying things like “I didn’t know MIBOR did that…” and “I have lived in Indianapolis my entire life and didn’t know that was there…” and “Wow, that is really cool!” At one of the sessions the moderator (aka the person running the show, your coach, mentor and all around great person) asked our group if anyone was interested in applying for the MPAC Board of Trustees. My response was “What is MPAC and why do they need a Board of Trustees?” Oh, that is the political action committee. Well, I like politics, right? So I said I would be interested. Little did I know I had just taken step two.
So now I am on this MPAC Trustee thing with nothing in my skill set except my good looks!! Oh, and I had been through REAL. It was then that I realized how much the REAL program gave me the skills to be a productive part of the group. When the trustees discussed issues, I would invariably start my comments with “Well, in REAL, we did/discussed/heard…”  There I was with all of these veterans of MIBOR collectively possessing a Fort Knox worth of experience and knowledge. But I was holding my own because of REAL.
Now I have been through REAL and sat on the MPAC Trustees for a year. Time to retire, right? Time to hang up the cleats and retire the jersey. This good ole boy has reached the apex of his talent limit.
Wait… What?? There’s an opening on the MIBOR Board of Directors? What does that have to do with me? You think I might be a good candidate? Why? Because I was did REAL? Oh, well that makes sense, I guess.
I remember from REAL these Board of Directors people set the direction of the organization. Now I am one of them. This group must be crazy allowing me in the room. But look, there are several of my REAL classmates on the Board with me. I know these guys! This is fun! And you know what, that MIBOR staff actually gets things done. This isn’t a waste of time. In fact, this is the only professional organization I have been involved with that actually sets goals and gets them done. What’s that, Heather (my wife)? Yes, I do talk a lot about MIBOR these days. It is fun because we actually get things done! Okay I will try to talk about something else. Did I mention you have pretty eyes? Silence…
Now it is REALLY time to retire. REAL, MPAC and now the Board!!! Look ma, your boy did good! He soared with the eagles. What are those guys whispering about? Do I have something sticking out of my nose? Yes, I need a haircut, but you don’t need to stare at me. Executive Committee? No, no, no. You have confused me with someone else. I must have had too many cocktails because I think they just asked me to run for Secretary/Treasurer – Elect. Well, I like serving on this Board and four more years of it would be cool, but I really need to work on other topics to talk to Heather about!
On the big stage giving a speech at the Ball as incoming President. Good thing those bright lights keep me from seeing the audience. I need to blink my eyes. What? My year is over? Now I am officially a Past President? My picture goes on the wall with all those giants of organization. Doesn’t seem real. The one thing I still want to do is be the Moderator (remember the coach and all around good guy) of REAL. Which happened. My REAL class was good, but this class will be great! Not because of my influence, but because I learned when leading great people, the best move is often to get out of their way.  
What a ride. All I did was fill out an application for REAL. I took that first step. I put myself out there into a world I knew very little about. It was more than a little scary. And I wouldn’t change the ride. If asked, my advice is run, don’t walk, run your REAL application to MIBOR. You may not have the same ride as me, but you might. And that is worth the time to fill out the application. 
Larry Mitchell
Mitchell Appraisals
REAL Moderator, 2011-2012
MIBOR Past-President, 2009

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  1. Great Ride Larry!. Hope you enjoyed moderating REAL at least as 1/2 as much as I did. You really had a great group of people in your class. Just added one of them to the REALTOR Foundation BOD!


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