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Friday, April 20, 2012

Giving Back to the Community

On June 8, MIBOR members will team up with The REALTOR® Foundation for a volunteer day, in continued celebration of our Centennial. Volunteers will make a difference for several REALTOR® Foundation grant recipients and neighbors of last year’s Building a Living Legacy neighborhood, St. Clair Place. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., volunteers will focus on projects including painting, cleaning carpets yard work and organizing donations. Please join us! Contact Claire Belby at and let her know where you would like to volunteer your time on June 8. Visit for a list of locations and more information.
Volunteerism deeply rooted in MIBOR history…
Volunteerism is not a new thing in our industry. Over the years, MIBOR members have showcased their civic pride in a variety of ways. When the MIBOR Board of Directors discussed forming the MIBOR Foundation (Now the REALTOR® Foundation) in 1984, they were driven by a desire to give back to the community.
“For a lot of us, we felt that there was something missing in our Board activities. But we could not quite put our finger on what it was…when it came to our relationship with the community, we would often enjoy the benefits of our relationship with our community, in terms of sales, profits and success in the industry,” said Don “Pooch” Hunter former Foundation member. “In order to keep that flow going, we needed to cultivate a relationship in which we could also give back and strengthen the very community that helped strengthen or organization. It was reciprocal.” – Excerpt from REALTORS®: Opening Doors For 100 Years
Even before the MIBOR Foundation was formed, our members regularly engaged in volunteer activities.
“The Board organized a number of activities designed to improve communities and strengthen neighborhood development including neighborhood cleanup projects, small home-improvement initiatives, tree plantings, and playground installations. In the early 1980s the Board developed a project called “Operation Cooperation.” Members worked with residents in the Forest Manor development to clean yards, paint homes and plant flowers and shrubbery around the neighborhood. To celebrate the Board’s 75th anniversary in 1987, the Foundation focused on cultivating an ongoing partnership with New Hope of Indiana, a medical treatment facility for mentally – and physically-handicapped children in the region. The Foundation also worked with the Indianapolis Parks Foundation to help raise money to renovate parks throughout the city.” –Excerpt from REALTORS®: Opening Doors For 100 Years
REALTORS® have continued to give back to the community in recent years as well. Just this past year, MIBOR members donated $500,000 to lift up an emerging neighborhood through the Building a Living Legacy Centennial Project. MIBOR worked in partnership with the John H. Boner Community Center, Indy-east Asset Development Corp, and other partners for more than three years to renovate and/or build 32 homes, which (the number selected to represent 32 NFL cities) to house 32 families coming out of, or on the verge of, homelessness. Each home provides permanent supportive housing on a continual basis with vital social services provided by the John H. Boner Community Center. Throughout the project, members have spent a lot of time in the Building a Living Legacy neighborhood, cleaning up trash, planting flowers, laying down mulch and more – a true testament of the commitment made to this project.
As we look forward, there is no question that the philanthropic giving and volunteering will only continue to grow within our industry. Have you played a part? If you’re interested in getting more involved, please connect with us

Lacey Everett
MIBOR Communications Specialist

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