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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Than Just Opening Doors...

The official Centennial Celebration, i.e. The Ball, is over but the celebration and remembrance of the past 100 years continues.
I love MIBOR’s Centennial slogan, REALTORS®: Opening Doors for 100 years, however, our members have been doing so much more than just opening doors.  They’ve been appraising, inspecting, mortgaging, insuring and cleaning them.  They have built and supported communities and continue to strive to make Central Indiana the best place to call HOME.

The real estate industry has experienced a lot of change in 100 years from wars, depressions, recessions, civil rights and more.  We have faced our own challenges and will continue to do so.  

The “.com era” has brought with it new technologies and opportunities that have enabled the real estate industry to be more efficient than those before us ever dreamed possible.  This era has also brought along new competitors and business models…also challenges that those before us never dreamed of.

As I said in my speech at the Centennial Ball, 'change often breeds fear, however, it also brings opportunities…opportunities to challenge us and force us to be better.  When we embrace change and challenge ourselves, life really begins!'

As leaders of our companies, communities and industry, I urge you to not be afraid of change, but rather embrace it and the opportunities that come with it.  

Get involved. Take pride in where we've come from and embrace the fact that YOU are a part of our industry's future, and the future of our region. 

Together, we will make 2012, our Centennial Year, a year to remember!

Debbie Morris
MIBOR President, 2012

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