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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Generational Industry...

MIBOR’s 100th year has given us all a wonderful opportunity to look back and reflect on the real estate industry and how it has affected, and been affected by, the major events in Central Indiana over the past century.  As a third generation MIBOR member, a couple of thoughts stand out to me.

(L-R) Norm McClain, Gene McClain, Dave McClain
The first, and most obvious, is the current state of the market and the challenges it presents.  Having joined the board in the 1990’s, the market had never seen a decrease in my time as a member until just a few years ago. While we all freaked out for a short time (and for those of you who still are… you can calm down now… it’s getting better!) and many asked “should I stay in real estate?”... I never thought of leaving the industry.  This is what we’ve always done.  

So the market changed.  I thought back to all of the ‘war’ stories that my father and grandfather had told over and over and over again.  At the time I was so tired of hearing about assumptions and land contracts, however, those stories helped me to gain some perspective and to remember that you need to be creative and flexible to survive in this industry.  So, I dusted off some old training materials on land contracts and started to look into these weird things called ‘short sales’.

The other thought is that I have a deep feeling of responsibility to affect the future of the industry.  I have two sons who might decide to follow in my footsteps, just as I followed in my father’s and he in his. This has lead me to be more active within MIBOR and to try and make sure my voice is heard.  I would encourage any REALTOR® to do the same.  Get involved in R.E.A.L., RPAC and your division. It is our duty to leave the real estate industry in Central Indiana better than we found it, so get involved!

Dave McClain
RE/MAX Select

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