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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just 3: Featuring Regina Jones

Today’s “Just 3” features thoughts from former REALTOR® Foundation President and current Carpenter, REALTORS® agent, Regina Jones:

Question: Tell us three jobs you had before being a full-time REALTOR®. What are a few lessons you learned from those positions you bring to real estate?
Answer: I had three jobs I had before real estate. I worked in the restaurant industry as a server, bartender, as a hostess and in management. I worked as a salesperson in the retail industry and I also danced professionally with dance companies and for NBA and NFL teams. When I danced professionally, I usually had a part-time job somewhere else. So that part of my life really taught me time management. The retail and restaurant industries really gave me insight into the importance of providing the best client/customer service possible.  

Question: You are in REAL this year, what has been the coolest part of being part of the Real Estate Academy of Leadership (REAL) so far?
Answer: The coolest part of being part of REAL has to be the opportunities we have been given to meet the people who are shaping central Indiana. I am really learning so much...much more than I ever expected. And of course it is wonderful to learn leadership skills when I’m with other real estate professionals.

Question: Lastly, what was the best part of serving as REALTOR® Foundation President?
Answer: The best part of serving as REALTOR® Foundation President was working with amazing people. To be able to work with people who give their time and talent to help communities and families in need is really wonderful. There is the Board of Directors, MIBOR staff, volunteers, committees and the service providers (grant recipients). They all come together with a common goal of helping those in need. I know I may sound sappy, but it was truly humbling and I am proud to have served as the 2010 REALTOR® Foundation President. 

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