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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving Up, Moving Out...

Promotional photos like this one inspired 
U.S. military men and women returning home 
from Germany and Japan to invest in a new home 
with funds collected through the G.I. Bill.
"Celebrating the Good Times Finally. After a decade of economic turmoil, followed by years of dark and tense moments against the Axis Forces, U.S. citizens could breath a collective sigh of relief. In the days following World War II, residents in Indianapolis and around the country cheered and wept as they welcomed soldiers returning home and celebrated the return of economic stability. 
The changes to the economic and social climate were almost immediate at the conclusion of the War, and REALTORS
® were among the first beneficiaries of this dramatic shift. One example was in new home construction. During the Great Depression, the creation of new homes in Indianapolis had virtually halted. In 1933, for instance, there were only 27 new homes build within the city limits. During the War, construction was limited by a lack of building supplies.

But shortly after the War, new neighborhoods, such as Eagledale, near 34th Street and Georgetown Road, erupted with 3,400 housing units completed by 1949 with more than 10,000 new residents."

-- Excerpt from REALTORS
®: Opening Doors for 100 Years (pages 83-84)

Do you have YOUR copy yet?

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