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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reflections on My First Day...

June 7, 1990 was my first day affiliated with a real estate firm. I recall when I walked in the door that morning, there were butterflies in my stomach. I felt as though the world had opened its doors to me and it was my destiny to open “real doors” for others. There was much to learn and understand. I wanted to be a sponge and work aggressively to take in as much as I could. 

Looking back on that day – and all those early days for me – it’s easy to see how much has changed. Just think about technology alone. We are light years ahead of where we were in those days. I remember processes being slow and far less efficient than we have now become accustomed to. I recall a contraption sitting by a computer that we placed the telephone handset into.  After several, very slow, clicks on the DOS based system, the regular phone line would eventually connect to the MLS (now our BLC® listing service). Funny enough, at the time this seemed very sophisticated compared to trading information about listings on 3x5 cards with fellow REALTORS®, it really wasn’t. We had miles to go!

I remember listing sheets had no photos and the printing quality was poor. Remember those dot matrix prints outs? Not always easy to read to say the least. We had no ink cartridges, only printer ribbons that didn’t provide clarity or sharpness. Very boring to say the least! 

I am grateful for the tools that we now have, and I have embraced the use of them in my business. Thank you MIBOR for being an ever-evolving organization that has helped REALTORS® stay – and become – more professional. 

Pam Aguirre, CRB, CRS, GRI
RE/MAX Legends Group

It's YOUR turn! What changes have you seen since you entered the business? What was your first day like? Post your thoughts in our comments section!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

REALTORS® Make It Personal On Capitol Hill

REALTORS® have always made their voice 
heard on Capitol Hill. Here is a group gathered
in D.C. in the late 1990s.
For more than 20 years, MIBOR has participated in the National Association of REALTORS® Midyear Meetings in Washington D.C. Below is a recap of the Capitol Hill visits during this year's trip. Stay tuned for additional recaps and photos that we'll post in the coming weeks! 

Last week, thousands of REALTORS® attended the National Association of REALTORS® Midyear Meetings in Washington D.C. The week included many excellent governance meetings, forums on hot topics, and an energized rally of over 13,000 REALTORS® at the Washington Monument. But by far, the most important part of the week were the visits to Capitol Hill to meet one on one with Members of Congress to address issues important to homeowners and the real estate industry.

While the REALTOR® Association prides itself on having an effective lobbying team in Washington, I can tell you that nothing is more effective than having Members of Congress hear directly from REALTOR® constituents. As Congressman Steny Hoyer from Maryland commented in a speech last week, REALTORS® are the experts when it comes to issues pertaining to real estate and he depends on their insight. Hearing firsthand from folks back home on how decisions they make are impacting their constituents is invaluable.

MIBOR leaders meet with Senator Richard Lugar.
Click here to see additional photos from the Hill visits!
MIBOR Leaders meet with Congressman
Andre Carson on Capitol Hill.
REALTORS® carried their messages to each visit talking about important issues of the day including things like reauthorizing the national flood insurance program that expires in a few day, bolstering commercial  lending, and protecting home ownership tax benefits to name a few. (click here for a full list of issues) But what caught the attention of our Congressmen were the personal stories shared by these REALTORS® - real life experiences with things like the  lengthy short sales process, prohibitive FHA condominium rules, continued appraisal frustrations, difficulty securing credit, and so on. 

Sharing these personal experiences made it clear that these issues don’t just impact REALTORS®, but also buyers, sellers, property values, neighborhoods, and communities.

We’ve already seen results. Since those visits, several of our Congressmen have signed on as co-sponsors of legislation that will address some of these important issues. And just this week came word from HUD that they plan to announce changes soon to some of their FHA regulations. So despite what we see on the front page, or on television, know that change is still possible!

Chris Pryor,
MIBOR Government Affairs Director 
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

MIBOR YPN is Energized...

Looking back over 100 years also gives us an opportunity to look forward. What will the next 100 years bring? We're excited about the great potential and energy that exists within our membership. Here is a post from a member sharing his excitement about the MIBOR Young Professionals Network (MIBORYPN):

I’m excited? How about you? I am energized about the MIBOR Young Professionals Network (YPN) and to be writing to you about the new and reinvented MIBOR YPN group.

Just recently, YPN took on a new approach, and just this week the group re-launched the chapter with new leadership, new goals and new events all aimed at the next generation of REALTORS®.  

So, what does this mean? As, always our goal is to inform, empower and mastermind young professional REALTORS®, and those young at heart, in the MIBOR service area. YPN’s goal is to help you navigate the real estate profession with ease, network with the industry leaders and have a good time while doing all of this. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a winning team? I know I do. 

After the success of this week’s Top Producer round table discussion, we are looking forward to a summer filled with networking opportunities for people like you. 

And the best part of it all - you cannot buy your way in our group!  You can only try it for FREE!

If you haven’t already, explore MIBOR YPN! Join Us! 

John Murphy
Main Street Financial
YPN Committee Member
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

19 Years and Counting...

Who is getting excited for the 19th Annual REALTOR® Foundation Golf Outing on July 19?  Everyone’s hands, or clubs, should be in the air! We’ve got our sights set on blue skies, green grass, friends, golf, prizes, raffles, a silent auction, food, drinks and FUN!  

So, how did we get to 19? For me, it is the second year I have been the staff liaison for the Foundation Golf Committee. While looking through notes, budgets, player lists and more, I started thinking about how this outing has evolved over nearly two decades. Clearly, I thought it could make an interesting blog post, so I reached out to MIBOR’s CEO, Steve Sullivan, to get some insight on the evolution.

Did you know the Foundation golf outing grew out of an annual golfing event that MIBOR held for years? 

“It was actually a series of outings held once a month and culminating in a September event, called ‘The Calcutta’,” said Sullivan. “The MIBOR event drew interest from REALTORS® and affiliates alike and usually about 30 foursomes filled the field. It was primarily a male-dominated event at the time.”

According to Steve, in the early to mid-nineties as the REALTOR® Foundation was getting resurrected, the idea of combing the “Calcutta” with a fundraiser was floated and eventually led to what is now the annual Foundation outing.  

“Initially, the event attracted a similar number of players.  However, as the Foundation became more visible, the outing became more successful and visible itself,” said Sullivan. “Benefitting charities through the Foundation became the goal.  More female members became involved, the committee became more engaged and it has flourished since.”

In the early days, courses were selected around the MIBOR market area, playing at some of the best public and private courses.  For several years, the Foundation held the event at Highland Country Club, Broadmoor Country Club and Country Club of Indianapolis. As the leaders of the event pushed to make more money for the Foundation, and as it grew in popularity, the outing was moved to Eagle Creek.  With that we saw a huge increase in the number of players.  The move to Eagle Creek made it possible to expand the field to two full courses. Both are still used today.  

“There have always been fun contests and efforts to raise additional monies for the Foundation and its homeless mission,” said Sullivan. “Several ‘celebrities’ have been dunked in the name of homelessness.  One of the most memorable was Fred Tucker ‘going down’ in his tuxedo on a sultry afternoon in July.”  

As we approach the 19th year of this event, there are both similarities and differences. Our mission is the same - to transition central Indiana individuals from homelessness or inadequate or unsafe housing to permanent solutions that will positively change their lives. 

Support continues to grow each year, and we continue to work on engaging more members so they can learn more about the Foundation, and help us raise money for our grant recipients. 

The format of the game has changed to a Florida scramble with ‘second chances’ available on one course, and straight play on the other so we appeal to both crowds. We’ve also built up friendly competition with ‘Beat the Pro’ and ‘Beat the CEO’ contests and hole-in-one prizes. If you get a hole-in-one this year you could actually win a car!

If you haven’t registered to play yet, now is the time! If you aren’t a golfer, there is still an opportunity to be involved. Volunteer for the event or purchase a dinner ticket and come join us for the closing ceremonies, silent auction and dinner! 

We are proud to continue our commitment to the fight against homelessness -  won’t you join us?  

Lacey Everett
MIBOR Communications Specialist 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MIBOR in the MINI...

Congratulations to all of our members who completed the One America Mini Marathon on May 5! We have received several pictures from you, wearing your commemorative MIBOR 100 t-shirts. We will hold our drawing for the $100 BlueMile gift card on Thursday, May 10. Keep sending your photos in today to be qualified! 

Here are a few of the photos we have received so far! E-mail yours today and you could win!




Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our History In Photos...

Every week, we post a 'Centennial Photo of the Week' on our social media pages. When working on the book, REALTORS®: Opening Doors for 100 Years, we accumulated all types of photographs and artifacts that helped tell our story - the story of this industry and this region. This week, we posted this photo of Robert F. Kennedy giving a campaign speech before the Indianapolis Real Estate Board in May 1968. It was the largest gathering of REALTORS® in Central Indiana at that time. 

"Kennedy had just entered the presidential contest. While other candidates had already gained momentum in the Democratic primaries earlier in the year, Indiana would be the first true test of Kennedy's fledgling campaign. His appearance before the Board would be critical to the fight for enhanced civil rights in Indiana. During his talk at the Howard Johnson Downtown Motor Lodge on West Washington Street, Kennedy spoke about various human rights issues, including support for the new Fair Housing Act, which had just been signed into law by President Johnson earlier that spring. he new mandate outlawed racial discrimination in the rental or purchase of homes and a broad range of other housing related transactions, such as advertising, mortgage lending, home owner's insurance and zoning restrictions. His speech was well received among a packed house of Indianapolis real estate and business executives....Later that same week, during the Democratic primary in Indiana, Kennedy captured his first national victory as a Presidential candidate." -- Excerpt from  REALTORS®: Opening Doors for 100 Years. 

Do you have your copy yet?

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