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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just 3: Featuring Beth Blake

Today's "Just 3" features MIBOR Centennial Chair, Beth Blake:

Question: If you had to pick one person that you think has defined MIBOR's history, who would they be and why?
Bud Tucker

Answer: There are two equally important people that come to mind. Both were outstanding leaders in the local, state and National Association of REALTORS®. Bud Tucker for his leadership in the development of the city, promotion of the REALTOR® image and his example to give back to the industry, which he referred to as 'paying your civic rent.' Helen Hirt was ahead of her time in the advancement of technology in our industry as well as her advancement and recognition of women in MIBOR. Helen introduced the first computer system to MIBOR and was instrumental in developing much of which is used today.
Helen Hirt

Question: Times and technology have changed. Describe the way showings used to work back in "the day"?

Answer: Good grief! Where do I begin!? First of all you must go back in time 40+ years ago to the old days of BC. Not the biblical reference, but 'before computers'. No MLS books to leaf through and no print outs compiled by areas! Showings were determined by word of mouth at division meetings, calling your fellow REALTORS® at other offices, driving areas and looking through single home flyers which contained limited information delivered in bundles weekly to the various offices by courier. Once you sorted through all those print outs by area and price you placed them in a loose leaf binder for reference. This was a weekly ritual that was performed in order to be current. Once the selection of possible homes to show was made, you placed a call to EACH real estate office for an appointment and then drove to EACH office to pick up the keys. When your showing day was complete, you got in your car and returned all the keys back to the respective offices. When you wrote a purchase agreement, you hand delivered it to the listing agent' and original and three copies written with carbon paper. Sorry, NO fax machines either! You also were responsible for calling the other agent for feedback, sorry NO emails, voice mails or cell phones either! There wasn't the luxury of lock boxes until the 80's. Not all offices used them and not all boxes were the same. One of the larger companies had their own version that hooked over the top of the front door. Since I have always been vertically challenged, showing houses to a normal sized client required carrying a cinder block or ladder to stand on in the trunk of my car. Only then could I reach the key box at the top of the door to access the key to show the house. Sure miss those days!

Question: What advice would you give to a new member about this industry?

Answer: Don't take today's luxuries for granted. Many REALTORS® before us have laid the ground work for MIBOR's success. Now it's your turn to carry on the tradition by being the best REALTOR® ever! Get involved!

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