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Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking Forward...on Public Education

This year, as we celebrate our centennial, we have had the opportunity to look back on our years of service, on the evolution of the real estate industry, on economic development, neighborhood development and the overall growth of our region.  Through this blog, we have reflected on our achievements, on the challenges we have faced and on the role we have played in our communities.

However, we aren’t just looking back this year – we’re also looking forward. What will the next 10, 50 and 100 years bring? What will our role be as our region continues to grow and change?

A few days ago we launched the MIBOR Membership Survey, which is conducted twice a year and provides valuable member feedback on the services provided to members. We use the results to evaluate performance and guide resource allocation for each budget cycle. For the current survey period, we have streamlined the questions and have for the first time we’ve included questions about an important and timely issue – public education. The questions are focused on member opinions related to public education and MIBOR’s role in advocating in this area. We know that education is critically important to your customers and their housing decisions, and we are eager to know your thoughts.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take the time to fill out the membership survey, which has already been sent to your inbox.

We also welcome you to share your thoughts by posting a comment on this blog. Below are two of the questions that are included in the survey.

1) On which sources do you believe buyers rely for information about schools? 
               1.  REALTOR®           4.      Co-workers / Employers
               2.  Family members     5.      Other sources
               3.  Friends                6.      DON’T KNOW

2) To what extent should MIBOR be involved in the area of education policy?
            1.      Extremely involved     4.      Not very involved
            2.      Very involved            5.      Not at all involved
            3.      Somewhat involved    6.      DON’T KNOW

Answer these questions and provide any other thoughts by clicking “comments” below!


  1. The future of public education in Indiana is important to everyone in our community.

    Real Estate professionals have their ears to the ground and keep up with important issues. As buyers focus on location, the most important consideration is often the quality of public schools or availability of good, affordable private schools.

    We need to be involved in the dialogue about the future of public education -- as a voice for our communities, because we understand the impact public education has on our industry.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Trixie!


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